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Exploring Acroni Steel Product Range: From Sheets to Plates and Beyond

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Acroni steel

Exploring Acroni Steel Product Range: From Sheets to Plates and Beyond

SIJ Acroni is a leading steel company with its headquarters located in Slovenia. They are well-known for unwavering commitment to the delivering only high quality steel and for having a rich history backed by years of expertise in the steel manufacturing sector. Acroni’s focus extends well beyond mere production as they are strongly dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and in meeting their clients’ needs from specialty steel to high-performance alloys.


Discover the unwavering strength and versatility of SIJ Acroni's steel. From specialty alloys to high-performance plates, their products are engineered to exceed expectations and unlock new possibilities in various applications.


Flat-Rolled Products


These products are available from any Acroni steel supplier. Flat-rolled products available from Acroni encompass strips, sheets, and coils that are manufactured through rolling the steel into flat sheets. Such products are widely used across different sectors such as automotive, construction, and appliances, among others.


Quarto Plates


Acroni’s Quarto plates are highly regarded for their outstanding durability and strength as they have been crafted via an exacting manufacturing process which ensures they are able to withstand demanding applications. The thick and large steel plates are the perfect choice for use in construction, and shipbuilding as robustness and reliability are critical for long-term performance.


Tool Steels


As they are specifically designed for crafting tools, tool steels from an Acroni steel supplier stand out for their distinctive properties like outstanding wear resistance, toughness, and hardness. Such steels are instrumental for shaping, molding, and cutting different materials in industries like construction and manufacturing, for instance.


Special Steels


The category of special steels encompasses a wide range of steels that have tailored properties and meant to fulfill specific needs. From corrosion-resistant steels meant to face challenging environments to steels of high-strength means for demanding structural purposes, special steels from an Arconi steel supplier, offer varied solutions for specialized projects.


High Speed Steels


High speed steels are meant for use in crafting cutting tools designed to operate at high speeds. Such steels are the backbone of tools in milling and machining processes as they can endure intense heat and friction during operations.


Electrical Steels


This type of steels from an Arconi steel supplier is vital for the manufacture of electrical equipment as they possess magnetic properties that make them ideal for generators, transformers, and motors.


Heat Resistant Steels


Acroni's heat-resistant steels are designed to endure extreme heat. They maintain their strength and structure even when temperatures exceed 1,000 degrees Celsius, which guarantees reliable performance in demanding applications such as industrial furnaces and forging presses.


Stainless Steels


Stainless steels from an Arconi steel supplier can resist the toughest challenges, standing strong against corrosion from salt spray, acids, and other harsh chemicals. This exceptional resistance to rust and wear makes them the ideal choice for kitchen appliances, construction projects, and even medical instruments.


Acroni is highly regarded for its commitment to providing exceptional steel products. The company is deeply committed to sustainability and minimizes their environmental impact by making use of recycled materials. They are also driven by a strong desire to continuously innovate, and to developing new products and technologies which keep them well ahead of the curve. As any Arconi steel supplier will attest to, the company’s comprehensive quality management systems ensure consistent high standards across the entire range of their products.

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