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Why Toolox 44 is the Ideal Choice for Tool Steel Suppliers

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Toolox 44

Why Toolox 44 is the Ideal Choice for Tool Steel Suppliers

There are various types of commercial-quality steel available. Among them, the patented Toolbox 44 is a type that has special properties to have top-in-the-line final properties. This variety of steel comes pre-heated. It not only saves time but also alleviates the risks that typically come with heat-treated metals. And as a bonus, the strength that it has comes based on a guarantee of toughness. Plus, it comes with the promise of superior resistance to fatigue.


Why Tool Steel Suppliers Prefer This?


Often, the tool steel suppliers all over India, as well as all over the world, tend to prefer Toolox 44 over the others for an array of reasons. For example:


  • Toughness and High Hardness: This variety of steel tools enjoys an impressive hardness of about 450 HBW/45 HRC. This makes it resistant to almost any type of wear and tear. Also, it’s amazing makes it resistant to impact and shock even without cracks or breaks.
  • Better Machinability among Others: In spite of the high handedness, this Toolox 44 retains its machinability. So when engineers are looking for an economical, effortless work option, then it has to be this option.
  • Resistance to Hearing: The patented Toolbox can resist heat as much as 590°C. Moreover, mechanics can PVD coat it, as well as nitride it. This enhances the surface hardening of the metal. Owing to the high hardness while delivering, you can use Toolbox 44 without any extra heat treatment.
  • Resistance to Corrosiveness: This tool steel, being corrosion resistant, makes for a good choice in applications where the steel is likely to get exposed to harsh elements and even excessive moisture.
  • Better Dimensional Stability: This means that this type of tool steel does not distort or warp easily while machining or heat treatment. This ensures that the end product would be precise and accurate.
  • Economical: Toolbox 44 is one of the most cost-effective varieties. This means that it is the right choice for productions that have high-volume yield.


The Best Applications

The benefits of Toolox 44 make it one of the most in-demand products in various industries. As a premier tool steel supplier like Kushal Metal Direct, it is helpful in the:


  • Extrusion Dies: Such dies are helpful while forcing materials through dies, especially when they are required to tolerate high temperatures and pressure. The toughness and hardness of this type of tool make it ideal for extrusion.
  • Die Making and Mould: Mechanics use it to produce dies and moulds due to their toughness and hardness, as well as resistance to wear and tear. These properties make it easy to form and shape various materials.
  • Blanking and Punching Die: This is helpful for blanking and punching dies. The dies are helpful to make shapes from sheet metals. Plus, they also need to resist tear and high impact. The toughness of Toolox 44 makes it useful in such applications.




You can say that Toolox 44 is one of the most versatile and high-performing tool steel varieties. Apart from the economy that it offers, this steel type also helps in less processing time. If you wonder whether this steel type would work for your individual project, then make sure to contact your nearby service centers for help.

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