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H 13 steel supplier

Choosing the Right H-13 Steel Supplier: Factors to Consider

As an important subtype of the steel tool category, the H13 variety is helpful in manufacturing plastic moulds and extrusion. But the new age engineers are also utilizing it to prepare forging does, core pins used in injection moulds, short sleeves used f

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1.2714 steel supplier

How to Choose the Right 1.2714 Steel Supplier for Your Project?

Be it for any construction-based project, and high-grade steel becomes a vital part. Any given project might need not one but different types and grades of steel. However, the 1.2714 grade is one of the most versatile varieties available with the supplier

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Hot work tool steel

The Role of Hot Work Tool Steel in the Automotive Industry

Ever wondered why hot work tool steels are gaining so much popularity in the automotive sector? Well, the following could be the factors.

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What is H13 Steel and What is H13 Equivalent To?

What is H13 Steel and What is H13 Equivalent To?

One steel alloy stands out as a true powerhouse in the area of tooling and dies casting, where strength, durability, and heat resistance are paramount: H13 steel. H13 steel has gained a reputation as a go-to material for tool and dies makers worldwide due

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