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1.2311 - (Reference standard UNI EN ISO 4957)

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1.2311 (Reference standard UNI EN ISO 4957) steel is one kind of hardened and tempered condition, it is equivalent to AISI P20 tool steel.

Smelting method : EAF+LF+VD+ESR

Main Characteristics : Steel with excellent hardening penetration up to 400mm. Generally supplied in hardened and tempered condition with excellent polishing and photoengraving properties. This steel is suitable for nitriding (around 800 HV), chrome and nickel plating.

Major Applications : Used for plastic dies with excellent surface finish properties. It is also used for dies of light alloys with low melting point, plates, dies box etc.

Chemical Composition : (%)

C Si Mn Cr
0.35-0.45 0.20-0.40 1.30-1.60 1.80-2.10
Mo Ni P S
0.15-0.25 - ≤0.030 ≤0.030

Comparable Standards : (%)

- 1.2311 X40CrMnMo7
40 CMD8 P20 P20

Critical Points :

Ac 1 740°C
Ms 310°C

Supply Conditions : Hardened and Tempered Normal HB 280-325 (950-1100N/mm²)

Heat Treatments :

Annealing :

Heat to 720-750℃, for 2-4 hour furnace cool.

Stress relieving :

Upto 560-600℃, hold for 2-4 hour

Furnace or steel air cooling

Hardening :

Preheating to 600-650℃

Heat to hardening temperature to 840-870℃ and hold at temperature

Cooling in oil

Hardness after hardening 51 HRC

Tempering :

To be carried out soon after the hardening in the range 580-650℃ for 1 hour for 25mm of thickness minimum 2 hour.

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