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PHX SUPRA is a corrosion resistant, precipitation hardened steel with high strength and good toughness. It shows excellent polishability due to the applied remelting process.

Description : PHX SUPRA is a corrosion-resistant, martensitic precipitation hardened stainless, PH X SUPRA is supplied in pre-hardened condition with a hardness of 38-42 HRC.

Main Characteristics : Excellent resistance to corrosion, Excellent polishability, Excellent dimensional stability, Good strength, Good toughness.

Major Applications : PHX SUPRA is recommended for tools / molds for the processing of corrosion plastics.

Chemical Composition : (%)

C Cr Ni Cu Nb
0.15 15.0 4.5 3.5 +

Physical Property : (%)

(38-42 HRC)

Density :

0.285 lbs./in³ (room temperature)

Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion
70°F - 200°F 70°F - 400°F 70°F - 750°F
5.9 x 10-6/°F 6.0 x 10-6/°F 9.2 x 10-6/°F
Thermal Conductivity
70°F 300°F 940°F
115 Btu/in/ft2/hr/°F 125 Btu/in/ft2/hr/°F 155 Btu/in/ft2/hr/°F

Mechanical Properties :

Toughness (Charpy-V notch) : 25 ft-lbs. at 38 HRC

Hardness HRC Y.S. (0.2%) Ksi T.S. Ksi El (%)
38 160 162 12.8
40 170 172 12.2
42 175 180 12.2

Polishing : Tool should be polished using the guidelines for polishing stainless steel. When properly polished, an A-1 surface finish is achievable.

General Notes : All statements regarding the properties or utilization of the materials or products mentioned are for the purposes of description only. Guarantees regarding the existence of certain properties or a certain utilization are only valid if agreed upon in writing.

Heat treatment : Refer to again diagram below for aging temperatures, Aging is performed by uniformly heating to aging temperature, equalizing temperature from surface to center, holding for 4 hours at specified temperature, and air cooling.

phx-supra corrosion resistant steel

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