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With excellent characteristics of NOGA , step beyond to new stage of die making.


Stronger Improved service life of Die Simpler Improved die manufacturing efficiency
Stronger improved service life of die Simpler improved die manufacturing efficiency
Improves galling resistance
  • Realizes steel material structure optimal for PVD treatment.
  • Enables improvement of the service life of the forming die that does high-tensile processing such as bending and drawing because the surface treatment coating is hard to peel off.
Enables reduction of chipping
  • Reduces large size carbides and debris that cause chipping to a large extent, and improves fatigue characteristic and toughness two to three times higher.
  • Reduces chipping of the trimming die tip and cracking troubles of the forming die, and enables to improve the service life of the die.
Improves weldability
  • Reduces cracking trouble of the die by welding because the alloy is designed to reduce welding cracks.
  • Improves welding workability because welded metals conform well and the bead is stabled by excellent component design.
Realizes the best dimensional change characteristic by heat treatment
  • Reduces dimensional change by heat treatment to a large extent, suppresses directional variation to the limit, and reduces die assembling workload.
Realizes utmost machinability
  • Amazingly improves machinability about 3 to 10 times higher as compared with the existing SKD11 improved steel, and enables to reduce machining cost and time.

Technical Data

Galling resistance
Galling resistance
Hardness by heat treatment
Hardness by heat treatment
Heat treatment characteristics, dimensional change characteristics by heat treatment
Heat treatment characteristics
Toughness and fatigue resistance characteristics
Toughness and fatigue resistance
Secular change
Secular change
Surface treatment characteristics
Surface treatment characteristics

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