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(DIN 1.2316) is a chrome-molybdenum steel with improved corrosion resistance properties, (DIN 1.2316) possesses good polishability, toughness, heat resistance and wear-resistant properties. It is often used for tools for processing chemically aggressive plastic materials (e.g. PVC).

Smelting method : EAF+LF+VD+ESR

Main Characteristics : Extremely high monitoring performance, favorable corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistance and favorable machining performance.

Major Applications : Super-mirror plastic molds: molds for optical lens and other transparent plastic pieces

Corrosion preventive high-resisting molds: Molds for fold vessels, cosmetics vessels, medical devices, light guiding plates, bottle covers, etc.

Formed resin materials: PC, PVC, PP, PE, PF, PMMA adding fire retardant resin etc.

Chemical Composition : (%)

C Si Mn Cr
0.33-0.43 0.95-1.00 1.00-1.30 15.00-17.00
Mo Ni P S
1.00-1.30 0.90-1.00 MAX 0.030 MAX 0.030

Physical Property : (%)

Room temperature density (kg/m³) Specific heat of room temperature (J/Kg.K) 200°C thermal conductivity (W/m.K)
7.80 465 23
Elastic mouldsus (N/nm²) Linear Expensivity (x10-6K)
20 ~ 200°C
20 ~ 400°C

Ultrasonic flaw detection :
Flaw detection standard: as per GB/T 6402-2008 Class 4 flaw detection standard or as per customer requirements.

Purity :

Class A Class B
Fine Coarse Fine Coarse
1.0 0.5 1.5 1.0
Class C Class D
Fine Coarse Fine Coarse
1.0 1.0 1.5 1.0

Delivery State :
(1) Delivery hardness, delivery under annealing state ≤ 255HB.

Supply Specifications :

Round Steel Flat Steel Module
Φ 16-500mm 16~120mm x 200~610mm 120~300mm x 300~1000mm

Heat Treatments :

Softening annealing Quenching
Heating to 850°C for heat insulation and cooling to 650°C at 10°C/h air cooling 1020-1030°C quenching rapid air cooling
Tempering temperature 250°C, (favorable tenacity and corrosion resistance) : selecting tempering temperature as per hardness requirements; tempering for twice.
Tempering temperature

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