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Many production environments today face pressure to produce better and faster in order to stay competitive. Toolox® rises to these challenges by providing a modern engineering and tool steel of unmatched hardness and toughness.

If you're a machinist or tool and die maker, you probably want to avoid expensive, time-consuming and risky heat treatments on your tooling without compromising tool longevity or steel quality. And when faced with tooling repair, wouldn't it be nice to have tool steel handy to quickly create a replacement tool — in just a few hours — that can withstand the rigors of the job?

Toolox® helps solve these challenges. Delivered prehardened and ready to use, it eliminates the need for heat treatment and adjustments and helps you save time and money. It possesses a low-carbon profile, much like SSAB’s other products Hardox® and Strenx®, helping to impart a toughness and ease of machinability.

Why? What are the advantages with Toolox?

1) Toolox is a prehardened tool steel that comes ready for machining directly. NO HEAT TREATMENT. You machine the material and its done!

2) Toolox is workshop friendly- The steel is extremely clean, has a homogeneous microstructure and excellent dimensional stability when machining, which provides you with an outstanding material also very suitable for surface engineering such as polishing, texturing and nitriting.

3) Toolox has excellent properties at elevated temperatures It is excellent for tools and components working at elevated (up to 590°C) temperatures.

4) Toolox is available in different formats- The properties are wrapped up in either plates or rounds, you choose the best dimension for you.

Product Overview

Toolox® 33 Tooling & Engineering
High temperatures (up to 590°C)
T: 6 - 130 mm
D: 21 - 141 mm
EN 10029
Toolox® 40 Tooling & Engineering
High temperatures (up to 590°C)
T: 6 - 130 mm EN 10029
Toolox® 44 Tooling & Engineering
High temperatures (up to 590°C)
T: 6 - 130 mm EN 10029
Toolox® 33 round bars Tooling & Engineering
High temperatures (up to 590°C)
D: 21 - 141 mm EN 10060
Toolox® 44 round bars Tooling & Engineering
High temperatures (up to 590°C)
D: 21 - 172 mm EN 10060

Key Features

  • Available in 3 hardness levels: Toolox® 33 at 300 HBW, Toolox® 40 at 390 HBW and Toolox® 44 at 450 HBW/45 HRC.
  • Tough. Due to a low-carbon profile and very high cooling rate, Toolox® steel is 2-3 times tougher than comparable steels of similar hardness.
  • Wear and crack resistant. Its excellent fatigue and toughness properties dramatically increase the lifespan of your tool or machine components and deliver good crack resistance. And the ultra-high cleanliness of Toolox® means cracks will first be seen on the surface.
  • Highly thermally conductive. Toolox® maintains high strength and toughness at elevated temperatures, even with extended contact times. This means shorter cooling times and a longer tool life.
  • Low residual stresses. Use of high tempering temperature gives very low residual stresses. There is usally no need for stress relieving even after heavy machining in Toolox®.
  • Exceptional properties and purity. This means Toolox® corresponds to ESR quality material and contributes to excellent machinability.
  • Easy to texture, polish and EDM. Our special controlled secondary metallurgy processes in combination with our soft reduction (CSR) slab casting process ensure Toolox® to be extremely clean and nearly segregation free.
  • Easy to thermal cut and weld. The effective quenchers used in production of Toolox® enables SSAB to choose low-alloy contents, making Toolox® workshop friendly.
  • High hardness and toughness. These properties make Toolox® an ideal substrate for nitriding, enabling an extended range of applications that require high surface pressures and wear resistance. Pure material with very low inclusion content. This means you can use Toolox® 44 in the most demanding surface-finish applications and achieve A1 gloss.
  • Substrate toughness. Surface treatments like nitriding and PVD coating require high toughness. A tiny crack in the surface layer will most likely not be propagated into the substrate.
  • Easily turn your prototype tooling into production tooling.
  • Due to its excellent properties for processes like etching, polishing and coating, Toolox® brings flexibility to nearless endless applications: injection molding in plastic, rubber and silicone, hot working, cold working, recycling knives and blades, clamping and holding, machine components and more.

          Read Applications for more information about how you can put Toolox® to work in different applications.


Toolox is typically used in the following areas.


 Hot Forming

 Applications working at elevated temperatures

 Stamping, Punching

 Machine Components


Applications of

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